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Welcome to the website of St. Matthews Martial Arts. We have classes for all ages and experience levels. Our dojo was founded in 1993 by Master Joan Richert, right here in Louisville. It is our mission to positively impact our community with martial arts. We would love to have you in for a free trial class so you can see for yourself. There are many benefits to the martial arts, you can come in for some, or get them all.


Summer Camp 2018

Our schedule has been announced for Summer Camp. We have FIVE separate weeks of camp for the summer of 2018. Each week will have a separate theme, the theme will influence the games, techniques, and even snack time. You can sign up for multiple weeks, even individual days of camp. If you have questions about our camp or would like to sign up for camp, click More.

Boy in sports hall is engaged in karate

About Our Classes

St. Matthews Martial Arts teaches martial arts classes for children, teens, and adults. We have family karate classes so everyone can participate. Our program is an excellent way for kids to develop focus, self confidence, and discipline. Our family karate class is also a fun way for the family to be active together.


Women's Self-Defense

We teach Self Defense Classes for individuals or groups. We have individual classes, private lessons, group classes, and interactive seminars depending your needs. If you have questions about our regularly scheduled self defense classes or you would like to schedule a group class or seminar, click More.



Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a relaxing and invigorating art. Our Tai Chi classes help teach focus, awareness, and integration of mind and body. Tai Chi is also known to have many health benefits. Our classes are open to people of all ages and experience levels. It doesn't matter if you've never done it before or if you've had previous experience, all who are interested are welcome. Your first group class is free so you can check it out, just click More.



Kempo Saber

Our Kempo Saber class will introduce our very special Kempo Saber Combat System. That's right, it's a Saber combat class! Need we say more?

The Three Rules

  • Self Discipline: Doing the things you know you should do, when you are supposed to do them, without being told.
  • Respect: Treating others the way you want to be treated.
  • Self Control: Controlling your behavior to fit the situation you are in.


  • Fitness
  • Self Defense
  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Community
  • Tradition
  • Fun

St Mattews Martial Arts

4160 Westport Road Suite B
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