Martial Arts Classes

At St. Matthews Martial Arts we offer a variety of different classes in martial arts, fitness, and self defense. We teach classes for children (ages 4 to 11), teens, and adults. If you would like to learn more about our martial arts programs, click here.

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The Rule of the Week

The Rule for this week is Self Discipline: Doing the things you know you should do, when you should do them, without being told. Self Discipline weeks are a great time to begin projects or tasks you have been meaning to start.

If you would like to learn more about Self Discipline or the Three Rules of the dojo, click here.

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Schedule a Free Trial Class

If you would like to schedule a Free Trial Class click or call to speak with an instructor. We teach classes for Children (ages 4 to 11), Teens, and Adults of any experience level. We would love to have you in to see our dojo and have some fun with us in a class.

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Shaolin Kempo Karate is a self-defense martial art that combines the arts of Kung Fu, Kempo, and Karate. It also incorporates techniques from Chin-Na (similar to jujitsu or aikido) as well as Western Boxing. There is a great deal of variety and depth to the system to keep it engaging at every level of experience. Our kids karate classes are a great way to learn practical self-defense in a positive environment. Kids and Adults can both build self-confidence and improved awareness. It is also a great way to work on fitness and flexibility as an addition to an exercise routine.

There are many mental and internal benefits to the martial arts. Our Karate classes are an excellent way to develop focus, self discipline, and self control. We use the three rules to help kids understand our expectations in a consistent way. The rules also easily extend to school or at home. We give the kids simple ways to understand how to choose their behavior and understand how expectations may be different in different places. The only way to help a child have more self control is to help them understand how to make choices about their behavior and to understand the consequences (positive and negative) of their choices.

There are also many physical benefits from training in a martial art. Our Karate classes work on flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance. Martial arts is a great way for kids to develop their dexterity as their bodies grow and change. Especially when their bodies grow quickly their flexibility and coordination can change dramatically overnight. Our class is designed to help kids develop familiarity with their body to develop balance and power in their movements regardless of their natural abilities or limitations. Each child’s martial arts journey is individual to them and we adapt how we teach them to help them improve along the way.
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