Birthday Party

Karate Birthday Party

St. Matthews Martial Arts offers a signature Karate Birthday Party. Our birthday party is designed to introduce kids to some basic fitness and self defense with fun games and a karate class. Our party is 90 minutes. We do a karate class; followed by several games for agility, coordination, and self defense; and then refreshments. Then we wrap it all up with a review of what we learned. Each student will receive a certificate for a free karate class.

Just like all of our classes the children will learn about The Three Rules and how to apply them. Students will also be taught about The Five Shaolin Animals.  We can modify and specialize our material to the group or if there are specific requests. We will also teach the children our Positions of Listening (contact us if you have questions about how and why we teach these). Of all our games, the most popular is generally our Ninja Obstacle Course.  This link is a video of one of our Black Belts demonstrating one of our special courses. For our refreshments the standard party comes with either cup cakes or a cookie cake. We supply either Sprite or bottled water for beverages.

We can schedule a birthday party at your convenience provided availability of our space (first come first served). We can also do a birthday party or demo off site for an additional fee. If you have questions please feel free to fill out the form below or give us a call (502)899-5506