Family Karate Class

Family Class

Our family karate class is designed to make it easy for the family to train together. Martial arts has benefits for all ages and our family class is especially designed to let anyone in the family gain those benefits. Our Shaolin Kempo Karate curriculum exercises the mind and body at the same time. Click the button to find out more or to schedule a free class.

Boy in sports hall is engaged in karate


Kids Karate Classes

Our kids karate class helps kids develop self discipline, mental focus, and fitness. Our class is fun and active while teaching the students about safety. Click the button to learn more about our program or to schedule a free class.


Adult Karate Classes

Our adult karate class is great for anyone looking for self defense, fitness, or an interesting activity. People choose martial arts for many different reasons, we support people in pursuing their goals through the art. Whether that is fitness, the mental and physical challenge, or self defense skills. Click to find out more about our adult class or to schedule a free lesson.

Women's Self-Defense Class

We teach Self Defense Classes for individuals or groups. We have individual classes, private lessons, group classes, and interactive seminars depending your needs. If you have questions about our regularly scheduled self defense classes or you would like to schedule a group class or seminar, click More.


Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi is a relaxing and invigorating art. Our Tai Chi classes help teach you focus, awareness, and integration of mind and body. Tai Chi is also known to have many health benefits. It helps the fluids of the body to flow better to areas of your body that may have been stagnant. Through practice of Tai Chi over time, one becomes less stiff; the body feels better. You feel more fluid, relaxed yet aware, thus improving the quality of life.

Maemoto Kenjutsu

The katana or daito are two names for the same sword, commonly called a samurai sword. We teach an old family style of Kenjutsu, named after the Maemoto family. Our class focuses on various drills to teach correct cutting technique as well as the various partner drills from traditional samurai practice. Class does require a bokken (a wooden training sword). And is recommended for adults and teens only.




Our Kempo Saber class will introduce our very special Kempo Saber Combat System. That's right, it's a Saber combat class! Need we say more?


Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a form of martial art and self-defense originating in southern China. The curriculum in our Wing Chun program consists of three formal exercise sets: Siu Lim Tao, Chum Kui, and Bui Jee. We also include Muk Yan Jong (Wooden man post) and two weapons sets making a total of 6 specific sources of material. The weapons of Wing Chun are the Dragon Pole (Lok Dim Boon Gwan) and the Butterfly Swords (Baat Jaam Dao).

Filipino Martial Arts

Kali, Escrima, and Arnis are common names for different Filipino martial arts. These arts have a rich warrior history that is also influenced by the Spanish. Traditionally these arts incorporate knives, short blades, sticks, and even whip type weapons. It is an art born out of combat and war, not an art originally designed for self-defense. Many modern martial arts incorporate principles from these arts to effectively use and defend a knife.

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