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Shaolin Kempo Karate combines the rich traditions of Chinese Shaolin and Japanese Karate, along with other martial arts such as Kempo and Chin Na. The mixture of these arts provides a class that is diverse and interesting. With a system that is built from so many styles, our adult karate classes teach a versatile martial art that can adapt to anyone. Whether you have previous experience or not our adult karate classes can accommodate you.

Our adult martial arts program utilizes the Four Ways of Fighting and the Five Shaolin Animals. The goal is to provide a martial art that is adaptable. Different people have different body types, different ways of approaching conflict, and different limitations. Our curriculum is designed to give you tools that feel natural and easy, while also giving you techniques that are more challenging to give you more ways to adapt and grow. Very few problems only have one answer. And many people will have different ways of approaching a problem. It doesn't matter which one you choose, it just matters that you choose one. Our class isn't about making you learn one right way to defend yourself. It's about showing you lots of ways and helping you develop the ones that fit you the best.

The three most common reasons our students give for starting karate classes are: fitness, self-defense, and the social activity. There are many other benefits that training in martial arts provide, the great part about our class is you can gain the ones you want and leave out the rest. By working the whole body together, there are additional health benefits, good posture leads to better concentration and better overall health. Exercise has been shown to lower stress levels and relieve anxiety. If you have more questions about the benefits of martial arts, or you would like to schedule a free class, click the button below.

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