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Our family karate lessons are designed to make it easy for the family to train together. Martial arts has benefits for all ages and our family class is especially designed to let anyone in the family gain those benefits. Our Shaolin Kempo Karate curriculum exercises the mind and body at the same time. The skills build and develop so that you learn effective ways of defending yourself regardless of your physical ability or previous experience. Our flexible schedule makes it easy for parents and kids to share the experience of growing in the martial arts.

Kids in our karate lessons get to learn a fun physical activity that teaches them about discipline and self control, while also helping them to learn respect for others (the three rules). Adults get to apply those same lessons to relieving stress from work or being able to focus better. Everyone gets to develop their fitness level in an engaging way in our family karate class. We also train in practical self defense tools for different situations and different threat levels.

Children who share activities with their parents (like karate lessons) are more likely to get good grades. They are also less likely to develop substance abuse problems, violent outbursts, or other behavioral problems. Those children are also less prone to anxiety or depression. Children in martial arts demonstrate similar trends in academics and behavioral development. There are many reasons that contribute to this and many ways to get the same benefit other than through martial arts training. But we recommend martial arts for obvious reasons (because we think it's fun).

If you are interested in trying one of our family karate lessons for free, click the button below. If you have questions regarding our curriculum, fitness in the martial arts, bully prevention, or any of our other special classes and services, please contact us.

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