Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi is a relaxing and invigorating art. Our Tai Chi classes help teach focus, awareness, and integration of mind and body. Tai Chi is also known to have many health benefits. It helps the fluids of the body to flow better to areas of your body that may have been stagnant. Through practice over time, one becomes less stiff; the body feels better. You feel more fluid, relaxed yet aware, thus improving the quality of life. We learn internal skills (meaning "inside your body"). Internal skills use tools of the mind to cease control of the body to give you control of various muscle groups that you may or may not have previously had conscious control of, thus allowing for more freedom of motion as well as opening doors for the achievement of feats of great physical prowess (with practice, of course).

Our Tai Chi classes focus primarily on the development and refinement of internal skills through the practice of basic exercises such as the Eight Pieces of the Brocade and The Ball exercise. While on the surface these exercises appear simple, there are many layers of things going on. Each Piece of the Brocade is a "Yi Kung" (meditation) a "Chi Kung" (breathing exercise) a "Li Kung" (body exercise) as well as a "Nei Kung" (internal exercise) all at once. So it is with The Ball, so it is with Silk Reeling, So it is with a lot of internal exercises. In our Tai Chi class, we first concentrate on the understanding and development of basic internal skills as the foundation for more complex motions such as the moves in the Tai Chi forms. The moves in the forms are intermediate combinations of the basic internal skills.

Our Tai Chi classes are open to people of all ages and experience levels. It doesn't matter if you've never done it before or if you've had previous experience, all who are interested are welcome. Your first group class is free so you can check it out (we do have to charge for trial private lessons, sorry).

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