our instructors

  • Master Joan Richert
    "My favorite part of teaching is when someone understands or grasps a concept and the succeeds in making it their own." Master Joan Richert…
  • Master Alan White
    "Martial Arts is really a personal journey. As an instructor I can share techniques and I can share stories. But a big part of…
  • Master Chris Gray
    "My favorite part of teaching is going through the journey from white belt to black belt again. By teaching, I am able to fill…
  • Master Dan Robbins
    "One of my favorite things is working with people on self defense. I feel like it is very important for everyone to know some…
  • Master Jimmy
    "My favorite part of teaching is helping a student struggling with something difficult and seeing the look on their face when they accomplish it."
  • Mister Jacob
    "My favorite part of teaching is how much I learn from teaching the kids. Everytime I explain something to a new student I have…
  • Mister Devin
  • Miss Emma
  • Mister Alex
  • Miss Madison
  • Miss Jordyn
    “Martial Arts has been a great benefit for me. It’s helped me physically, but it’s really done a lot for my confidence. I like…