Women’s Self Defense


Our martial art, Shaolin Kempo Karate, is a self-defense martial art. We use the Four Ways of Fighting and the Five Animals to teach self-defense concepts and skills. We have a variety of additional methods to teach self-defense classes, depending on your goals and personal needs. We have an hour long self-defense class every month. We can also teach private or semi-private lessons. We can also host seminars on site or travel off-site to provide information and teaching.

Third Wednesday Self Defense

Becoming the Tiger . . .

We teach self-defense classes on the third Wednesday of every month (the class is normally from 6:30 to 7:30 in the evening). The class is free for our current students with a small fee for visitors and drop-ins. We do offer group discounts to these classes, you can click below for more information. It is a fun, high-energy class where we cover a basic introduction to self-defense for women and girls through discussion, role play, and physical practice.

This course will help you:

  • Identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations
  • Adopt confident body language
  • Recognize, trust, and act on intuitive signals
  • Practice using clear communication and an assertive stance
  • Learn to use the voice appropriately in self-defense
  • Learn basic escapes from various grabs and holds

Private (and semi-private) Lessons

If you have very specific self-defense applications that you'd like to ask about or you are more comfortable in a smaller class this might be the best option for you. Our private lessons are thirty minutes long and can be scheduled at your convenience. We are available for self-defense classes every day of the week, but only by appointment.

Seminars and Off-Site Classes

This is what we recommend for groups that would like to do a self-defense class together. Especially if it is inconvenient to come to our Third Wednesday Class. We can host special self-defense classes or travel off site. Typically we recommend a ninety-minute class. Pricing for a seminar will vary depending on the number of people and the distance traveled. If you are interested in having Master Joan come to your location to teach an interactive self-defense seminar or share tips and information, you can message us below.

Free Class